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Cairo Tower to Get an Extreme Makeover

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Cairo Tower to Get an Extreme Makeover
written by
Sherif Khairy

Piercing through the cloudy Cairo skies, the Cairo Tower is visible from most places in Downtown Cairo, and is famous throughout large regions of the world. While it may not be the largest skyscraper, the Cairo Tower is a very popular destination for locals and tourists alike. Since it’s taller than most surrounding buildings, it offers a majestic panoramic view of Cairo, but it’s about to get much, much better.

You’ve probably felt that the Cairo Tower has not been used to its full potential. In comparison to similar, or even lesser sights around the world, it doesn’t get as much publicity or receive as much interest. However, a very optimistic plan has been established; the plan will use technology to turn Cairo Tower into something much bigger than it already is.

Cairo Tower, meet technology. The new plan relies a lot on VR technology and 3D modelling. So let’s start from the ground floor. There will be a website available for booking your trip to the Cairo Tower, and you’ll easily get your ticket and time of visit from anywhere around the world. As you approach the Cairo Tower, you’ll see its new interactive lighting system, making it much more attractive than ever before.

Next up, as you ascend to the top using the elevator, you’ll be treated to an adventurous ride, as the elevator walls are set to become 3D screens to keep you entertained during your ascent. If you choose to visit Cairo Panorama, you’ll be able to check out historical sites from all around Cairo thanks to new virtual telescopes. There will also be a new virtual Zoo that displays 3D models of different extinct animals, and will allow you to interact with these animals and take souvenir photos. Just like the video here.

Not to mention the first ever interactive hologram theatre in the Middle East, which will be established in one of the Tower’s halls, can you imagine that? Plus, of course, a shopping area for souvenirs and memorabilia.

Currently, there’s no real time frame for the plan, but we really hope this turns out to be a real deal.