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Canada Approves Egyptian Heritage Month Celebration in July

Canada Approves Egyptian Heritage Month Celebration in July
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Cairo 360

The country of Canada has been the subject for quite a few of our articles lately. Most recently, we published a piece about Abdel Ghaffar’s meeting with a delegate from the Canadian university, Ryerson, to discuss building a branch in Egypt. Which leads to the obvious conclusion that Egypt shares a pretty strong bond with the “Great White North”. Consequently, it came as no surprise when Sada Elbalad English shared some exciting news.

During the weekend, the legislative assembly of the east-central province of Ontario, Canada’s largest province by population, agreed to a proposal for a national month, to be held in July, dedicated to the celebration of Egyptian civilisation and heritage. A decree that will later be implemented in all Canadian cities.

According to an article on the website of the State Information Service from last month, Minister of Immigration and Egyptian Expatriates Affairs, Dr Nabila Makram, personally thanked Egyptian-Canadian politician, Sherif Sabaawy, a member of the Legislative Assembly of Ontario, who originally submitted the draft legislation, decree no. 106/2016, to the committee for review. Makram, along with Minister of Antiquities, Khaled Al-Anany, and Minister of Culture, Inas Abdel Dayem, had brainstormed a plan to advertise Egyptian archaeological discoveries and culture in Canada once the bill was approved.

Egypt Today stated that some of their suggested ideas to advertise Egyptian archaeological discoveries and culture in Canada, included lectures, dealing with the history of Egypt since the Pharaonic era, an initiative to invite people across Canada to visit Egypt, and a cultural convoy with events to highlight the distinctive character of the Egyptian civilisation and creativity.  Now that the proposal has passed, we can’t wait to see what other ideas the ministers have in store. Moreover, the ministers had agreed to prepare a memorandum on the proposal of the ceremony to be submitted by the immigration minister to the prime minister immediately after the decision was issued by the Canadian Parliament. 

We are awaiting the day when Canada’s Egyptian heritage month will spread and be celebrated across the nation. Don’t forget that it is the ethnic combination of both countries that introduced prominent Egyptian-Canadian figures to the world, such as talented actor, Mena Massoud, and academic intellectual, professor Hoda El Maraghy.