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City Panoramas: Insta-Worthy Views of Cairo

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City Panoramas: Insta-Worthy Views of Cairo
    written by
    Aminah Keevy

    Image credit: Marriott

    Looking for a scenic vista moment? Cairo has plenty to offer! From the pyramids to the farmlands to the views of the bustling city at night. Check out these hotspots for beautiful panoramas and memories to last a lifetime:


    Al Azhar Park

    Via Arab Academy

    The views from the famous park are one-of-a-kind – you wouldn’t believe it used to be a garbage dump! In an effort to revitalise the area, and with funding from the Agha Khan Trust for Culture, they began to build what is now a national landmark in 1992. Boasting luscious greenery along with the backdrop of sprawling old Cairo, Al Azhar Park can’t be beaten.

    Via Wayn

    Baron Empain Palace

    Via The Arab Contractors

    With spiral staircases and surrounding gardens, the atmosphere at the Baron Palace in Heliopolis is nothing short of magical. So take a step back in time and relish the architectural masterpiece produced by Alexander Marcel for the building’s founder, Edward Louis Joseph Empain, in the first decade of the 20th century.

    Via The Afrinik

    Cairo Tower

    Via Duha Photography

    The Cairo Tower stands as the tallest building in Egypt and North Africa and, at a whopping 187m tall, it’s no wonder the views are fantastic! Located downtown, on Gezira Island, the top of the tower offers a glimpse of Cairo’s chaotic paradise. With a revolving restaurant and a top-down perspective of the Nile like no other, the Cairo Tower is one for the photo books.

    Via Ehab El Sheemy

    Marriott Mena House

    Via Audley

    The 5-star hotel located in Giza has been a top attraction for tourists and celebrities since the beginning! It’s easy to see why with pools, rolling landscapes, and an up-close-and-personal view of the pyramids right next door!


    Mokattam Calligraphy

    Via The Culture Trip

    This giant, multi-building piece of graffiti-calligraphy from eL Seed himself drew attention to Cairo’s Garbage City in 2016. In the hopes of offering a different perspective of the Coptic community that resides there, eL Seed completed this project with confidentiality and as an ode to the people of the area. The masterpiece, combined with the sprawling city of Mokattam, should make the top of your list!

    Via The Culture Trip