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Downtown Cairo Just Got a Spring Themed Makeover

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Downtown Cairo Just Got a Spring Themed Makeover
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Cairo 360

Walking down the streets of Downtown Cairo is a walk through ancient paths and beautiful buildings. You’ll find decade old shops in every corner, and will probably see the places your parents used to hang out at as teenagers.

Multicultural relics from times long gone are everywhere to be seen in Downtown Cairo, but unfortunately, time has taken its toll on a lot of spots in that beautiful area of Cairo, and some things are not what they used to be. Yet, we’re always glad to see initiatives that aim to improve the state of our beloved Downtown, and of those we have a few.

ABn’G World, renowned for their beautiful accessories, art, and furniture, have always taken care of the famed Kodak Passageway that separates their shop from one of our favourite Downtown restaurants, Eish + Malh. This time round ABn’G World have teamed up with Al Ismaelia for Real Estate Investment and gave the passageway a spring themed makeover. So next time you’re out and about in the city, make sure to hit that passageway. Long live Downtown Cairo in all its glory.

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Images courtesy of Downtown Cairo.