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Downtown Cairo to Witness an Extreme Makeover

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Downtown Cairo to Witness an Extreme Makeover
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    Cairo 360

    Downtown Cairo is one of the most architecturally rich areas in Egypt. A mix of Arabic culture and different European architectural styles have made this area a beautiful haven for peaceful walks. You’ll find gorgeous buildings, iconic cafés, excellent restaurants, and even some ancient and monumental buildings.

    One of the things that all Cairenes agree on is that time has, unfortunately, taken a toll on this place. This is exactly why there are a huge number of initiatives aiming at refining this part of town. The latest one being the renovation of Al Sharifain Street, a part of Downtown Cairo’s Al-Bursa Area. The renovation involves giving the buildings in the area a makeover, whereby they will be restored to their original designs. The streets and sidewalks will also be repaved.

    The Sound and Light Company – famous for their work on the Great Pyramids of Giza – will use their expertise to give the buildings the light accentuation they deserve. Following the renovations, the street will be made into a pedestrian-only zone.

    We can’t wait to see how the renovations will restore this beautiful area!