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Edn: Quiet, Low-Key Camp in Nuweiba

Edn: Quiet, Low-Key Camp in Nuweiba
written by
Soraya Morayef

For a quiet and relaxing getaway to Nuweiba,
you have dozens of great camps to choose from. If you’re less concerned with
luxury and more inclined to a low-key camp, try Edn.

Located on the Nuweiba coastline 46KM after
Taba and a mere five-minute drive from Basata and Ananda, Edn is
wedged between similar camps Sondos and Oasis on one side and the more upscale Bawaki on the other,
which has the most beautiful swimming spot in the area and comes highly recommended.

The nice thing about Edn’s location is that
if you don’t like what you find, you only need to walk a few metres to check
the other camps’ facilities. Also, in peak season and on public holidays, the
coast turns into one massive social gathering, where you can move from one camp
to another to meet friends, partake in a bonfire or enjoy some live music.
During low season, Edn provides the quiet and seclusion that you may desire for
a relaxing day by the beach, reading your book or sipping their freshly pressed
orange juice.

The camp has a main hut, which functions as
a restaurant and lounge area, with a small and rather decrepit bathroom behind.
The basic showers are located towards the back end of the camp. The two rows of reed
huts are situated on the beach; you can either opt for an
elevated hut with a front porch, or one directly on the sand with a small terrace and a hammock.

hut comes with a double bed, thin single mattresses pushed together, and basic
bedding. If you’re the iffy type, bring along your own sheets and cushions. A
mosquito net is attached to the wooden ceiling; trust us, you will need it at
night as the mosquitoes are quite ruthless here. Aside from wooden windows, a
small mirror and a side-table, your hut is as basic and as small as it gets;
but you should be spending your time outdoors anyway.

The beach at Edn has a few shaded seating
areas, where you can lounge on a hammock or large cushions, as well as a small
square with cushions and a low table, where you can drink mermereya tea and
star-gaze.  There’s also a pedalo that
the Edn staff use to go fishing with, but they’re friendly and will let you use
it if you ask nicely.

At 60LE per person per night, accommodation
at Edn is definitely not the cheapest in the area; and they make most of their money off
their food. Dinner or breakfast can reach over 60LE, while juices and
sodas average between 10LE and 15LE; so if you’ll be eating three meals a day, expect to pay around 400LE for three days there.

restaurant’s menu is basic, offering standard dishes like foul, omelette and
shakshouka for breakfast, and grilled chicken and freshly caught fish with rice
for dinner. Try their grilled fish, vegetarian pizza, fresh Bedouin bread and
chocolate pancake with bananas, all heavenly recommendations after a long day
in the hot sun.  If the food fails to
satisfy, head next door to Sondos and ask for their fried calamari meal, which
comes with a plate of delicious tehina, rice, salad and freshly baked Bedouin

Edn is an excellent choice in Nuweiba if
you’re a large group of people looking to take over the camp, or if you’re
seeking peace and quiet with a front porch directly on the beautiful Red
Sea. The camp’s location on an open bay also
makes it an excellent spot for wind- and kite surfing as well as some languid
paddling. For reservations, call 0124939262.