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Egypt Tops List of Hottest Destinations for Billionaires in 2019

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Egypt Tops List of Hottest Destinations for Billionaires in 2019
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While luxury travellers – i.e. those who are travelling without the budget being a concern- have typically headed to countries like USA, France, or Italy in the past, it seems that Egypt is now beating all those destinations! It has recently been stated by Business Insider’s Katie Warren that the world’s billionaires have been following a new trend when it comes to travel, in which they look for a mixture between luxury, adventure, culture, and activities. As such, the world’s resorts and hotels have been working hard to cater to these types of travellers.

Business Insider has teamed up with boutique luxury travel agency Original Travel; an agency which plans out tours for high-net-worth individuals. From the partnership, Business Insider sought to find out where exactly the world’s wealthiest individuals have travelled, or are planning to visit, in 2019. The ranking system is based on feedback and client inquiries surrounding any given destination, in addition to the numbers of bookings that the world’s wealthiest few have been placing to the destinations in question.

Guess who came out on top? Yeah, you got it right! Egypt has made it to the peak, tripling last year’s bookings with two primary attractions Steam Ship Sudan and The Grand Egyptian Museum. The former is considered to be one of the fanciest cruises gliding down the Nile River between Luxor and Aswan offering its onboard lodgers a bunch of stops at tombs, archaeological sites, and temples along the way. The latter, The Grand Egyptian Museum, is still under construction. Once completed, however, it will be the largest museum in the world. The museum will also overlook The Great Pyramids of Giza.

It seems that aside from being a home to travellers on a budget, Egypt is also attracting the world’s billionaires. This is not that much of a surprise, however, considering that Egypt officially houses one of the most beautiful beaches in the Middle East, and has recently been receiving rave reviews from the likes of Condé Nast Traveler Magazine, the Daily Express, and many more!

We’re always proud of our Egypt!