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The Daily Express Deems Cairo As the World’s Cheapest Travel Destination!

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The Daily Express Deems Cairo As the World’s Cheapest Travel Destination!
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Cairo 360

Last week we told you all about how Egypt has been making international headlines for all the right reasons. It looks like Egypt is going to be welcoming a significant boost to its tourism industry, thanks to the country being featured on several lists from the most reputable travel and lifestyle magazines and websites worldwide.

Today, we are glad to announce that the British newspaper the Daily Express has recently deemed Cairo as the cheapest travel destination worldwide, followed by Mexico City. From excellently priced accommodation and entrance tickets, to bargain Nile cruises, backpackers can’t seem to recommend Cairo enough!

Thousands of nomads have been blogging lately that the city offers unparalleled value for money. Cairo feels as engaging as ever for them, and no less of a safe destination than any other international destination. The staggering amount of history, alongside the impressive relics and monuments, remain a great companion to breathtaking natural scenery; it really is hard to believe just how cheap it is to travel in Cairo when one considers just how much it has to offer.

We at Cairo 360 know that something about Cairo stays with you forever; from the food that might be little heavy on your stomach at first, to the warmth, generosity, and genuine kindness of its people, to the eclectic mix of glamour and chaos, Cairo will truly overwhelm your senses (in a great way, of course).