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Egypt’s Rank Moves up in World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report

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Egypt’s Rank Moves up in World Economic Forum’s Travel & Tourism Competitiveness Report
written by
Kareem Sheta

Image via Ahmedherz

The channels of all the current initiatives across the nation, covering different sectors, are connected to the reservoir of economy, one way or another. Thus, with all the different ongoing projects to improve the country’s economic status, it came as no surprise when Egypt Independent stated yesterday that Egypt had moved up nine spots in the World Economic Forum’s documented Travel & Tourism Competitive Index of 2019, which was released at the beginning this month. We realize that the phrase seems like a clutter of complicated jargon, so let’s break it down together to understand and emphasize the importance of such news.

We checked out the World Economic Forum website, where a PDF version of the biennial Travel & Tourism (T&T) Competitiveness Report and Index was available. The title pretty much sums up the explanation; the WEF analyzes the level of competition in the T&T field amongst 140 economies and “measures the set of factors that enable the sustainable development of the T&T sector” that promotes competitiveness in turn.

We skimmed through the 130-page document and came across the overall rankings where Egypt is currently ranked number 65 worldwide with a score of 3.9. It surpasses the Arab countries of Yemen, Algeria, Lebanon, Kuwait, Iran, Tunisia, Jordan, Saudi Arabia, and Morocco in rank. Meanwhile, Bahrain, Oman, Qatar, and UAE are in the lead, but still have not reached the top of the list, which Spain currently occupies with France and Germany in second and third place respectively.

According to Egypt Independent, the report stated that Egypt performed well in the security and safety index, infrastructure, ports, and natural resources. Moreover, it tops the MENA region when it comes to environmental sustainability, cultural resources and business travel. Finally, it ranks 22nd in the field of cultural tourism and 38th for its plethora of World Cultural Heritage sites.

We hope that our economic situation will improve more and more, even if it takes decades, till one day the first prize will be just within our reach. For more progress to come!