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Experience the Best of Egypt for Free This Thursday!

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Experience the Best of Egypt for Free This Thursday!
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Cairo 360

Egypt is rich in history and culture. But do we really know the thought and technical processes used to create these relics our ancestors left behind? The answer to this question will always be “no”. Indeed, a testament to this is the fact that researchers, historians, and archaeologists are still – to this day- intrigued by some of these very relics; indeed, no one knows for sure how the Pyramids were built. 

April 18th marks World Heritage Day, and we can safely say that Egypt – given its rich history – is a country that truly deserves to celebrate the occasion. As such, we are pleased to announce that you can enjoy the best of Cairo’s culture completely free; from world-class museums to stunning archaeological sites and historic houses.

The Ministry of Antiquities announced that all entrances will be free of charge to everyone, whether they be Egyptian, Arab, or a foreigner, on April 18th to celebrate World Heritage Day. We can’t wait to take advantage of this day, and use it to roam around and re-discover everything we love about Egypt, and uncover more of its hidden gems.

So go ahead, Egyptians and tourists, grab those comfy sneakers of yours, put on those sunglasses, and get ready to experience thousands of years of history and culture, free of charge!