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Exploring Alexandria’s Tea Palace in Montazah Gardens

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Exploring Alexandria’s Tea Palace in Montazah Gardens
written by
Malak Gharib
Image via ArcheologicalPaths

Nestled deep in Alexandria’s Montazah is a place where you can disconnect and rejuvenate. The Alexandria Tea Palace is located in Al Montazah Palace’s luscious gardens. The location blends nature and art, allowing you to take a break from Alex’s bustling streets and experience an ambience of pure bliss and luxury. Here are five facts about this location’s history that you probably didn’t know.


A Royal Rest House

Photography by Wedjat, Retrieved from Instagram

The Alexandria Tea Hall was initially built for the royal family as a rest house in Alexandria’s picturesque landscape. It was also dubbed by some as “King Farouk’s Tea Palace” since it was the king’s special spot for intimate quality time with his family and loved ones.


Design by Architect Mustafa Pasha Fahmy

Image via ArchaeologicalPaths

Inspired by Roman architecture, Mustafa Pasha Fahmy designed the location to inspire tranquillity. The architecture and design also include eye-capturing statues at every entrance, as well as columns beautifully designed to highlight every corner of the historic building. The tea hall dates back to 1936, with its Roman designs coming together to please art and history enthusiasts, giving them an exceptional experience at the location.


A One-Storey Palace With a Panoramic View of the Sea

Photography by Wedjat, Retrieved from Instagram 

The Tea Palace, with its panoramic view of Al Montazah Garden and the Mediterranean coasts, is a single-story architectural marvel, perfect for leisure time. Its breathtaking vistas make it an ideal spot for capturing the perfect Instagram shots, ensuring that every visit is not only a feast for the senses but also a treat for social media enthusiasts.


Reopened in 2020 After 84 years

Image via Facebook 

After a long 84 years of being closed to the public, the Tea Palace underwent extensive renovations and reopened its doors in 2020. For the first time in Egypt, a royal experience awaited the public to drink tea and indulge in the beauty of the exclusive location. At 75 EGP, the ticket provides a complete experience, including entrance and a lovely cup of tea.