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Five Instagram Pages That Promote Egypt

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Five Instagram Pages That Promote Egypt
    written by
    Mohamed Raafat

    Egypt is one of the most beautiful countries in the world mainly because, throughout time, it’s been influenced by many different cultures: The Pharaohs, the Greeks, the Romans, and many more. Each of those cultures left a mark in Egypt, and that’s what makes it a gem. However, we Egyptians sometimes forget how pretty our country is. Maybe it’s because we live here or perhaps because we have to live with the negatives. But those things don’t change the fact that Egypt is beautiful. In this article, we talk about five Instagram pages that do their best to remind us of how beautiful Egypt is.

    Everyday Egypt

    What really stands out about this page is that it tries to capture the beauty we all have access to. It doesn’t focus on the fancy resorts or the significant monuments, but rather on the part of Egypt that we experience every day. Simple people with their simple habits, moments of sadness and joy, and places we encounter every day are how Everyday Egypt tries to amplify their beauty to let us know how blessed we are to live in such a country.

    This is Egypt

    Karim Kazem focuses on Egypt as a whole. He takes photos of monuments, beautiful architecture, beaches, and historical places. But the thing we like the most about this page is the aerial photos. We don’t know how exactly he manages to get those photos, but they show another side of Egypt. A side that we can’t usually see from the busy streets with all the noise and chaos in them.

    Experience Egypt

    This page is all about tourist attractions in Egypt. It takes photos of beaches that could be in the Maldives or the Caribbean, coral reefs and resorts similar to those in Southeast Asia and, of course, the majestic Egyptian monuments. The page doesn’t only concentrate on fancy destinations outside Cairo; they also focus on the beautiful places inside the city. Experience Egypt is a comprehensive guide for anyone who wants to enjoy Egypt.

    Unlimited Alexandria

    The Mediterranean’s Bride doesn’t get as much attention as the capital. After all, it doesn’t have all the monuments and historical places in Cairo, right? Well, the answer is no. Alexandria is so rich with history that the Romans and the Greeks left behind, and that’s what Unlimited Alexandria tries to show. The page description says, “Inspiring people to explore Alex”, and their Instagram is full of pictures of Alexandria’s beaches, monuments, and beautiful architecture. Alexandria’s beauty is truly comparable to that of Cairo.

    Egyptology Lessons

    Egypt is known for many things, but one stands out more than the rest: Pharaonic heritage. Egypt has so many monuments, and sometimes, it can get a bit messy trying to remember and understand every piece of art or sculpture. That’s where Egyptology Lessons comes to the rescue. This page focuses on teaching people about Egyptian Pharaonic history. They post photos of Egypt’s known and unknown monuments while sharing some information about them. Egyptology Lessons should be your go-to for learning about your country’s history.