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Five Sahel Hotspots to Try Out Before Sahel Season Comes to a Close

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Five Sahel Hotspots to Try Out Before Sahel Season Comes to a Close
written by
Kareem Sheta

Eid is over, and soon the Sahel season will be coming to a close as well. But that doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy Sahel until the very end. Here are five places you should check out while you’re enjoying your last days in Sahel:                                                         

Galambo at Hacienda White

Via Nevine Soliman Design

What is Sahel without seafood? Galambo is North Coast’s first gourmet seafood restaurant that you should definitely visit with your family and friends. The restaurant offers a host of seafood items that cater to all tastes; from pasta to traditional grills.

BeFit at Lakeyard  Hacienda

Via BeFit Egypt

While stuffing your faces with Sahel delicacies, maintaining your health is also crucial. So, be sure to check out Aly Mazhar’s latest beach gym that boasts an open-air fitness facility, in addition to his classic BeFit sessions. The gym also has a special area for kids, making sure everyone is enjoying a healthy lifestyle.

Gaby’s at Hacienda Bay

Enjoy a hearty poolside experience at Gaby’s, where you can enjoy a long list of refreshments, in addition to an array of delicacies and tasty meals.

LIVE at Hacienda Bay

Having recently announced their completely renovated beach area, and the modern, pop-up food court concept, LIVE, is comprised of various food outlets that will add a flavour to your day, including El Lido’s deliciously nostalgic burgers.

Lakeyard at Hacienda Bay

Lakeyard is an essential landmark in the North Coast’s community, especially for Hacienda Bay goers. This year, it is relaunched with an exotic Latin theme, embracing its wide variety of restaurants, cafes, and retail outlets. Check out their well-known names, as well as their Cartoon Network park that welcomes children of all ages.

In case you haven’t noticed the one thing in common between all of the spots listed above, it’s the development company behind them; Palm Hills Developments, which celebrates the grand opening of its collaboration with G’nK Hospitality, Mazeej Hotel.

Located at Hacienda White, Mazeej Hotel boasts a round of luxury amenities, including 38 rooms, 4 suites, in addition to a private lagoons, and an array of restaurants.