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Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria: Mesmerising Ramadan With a Seaview

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Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria: Mesmerising Ramadan With a Seaview
written by
Nada Medhat

When it comes to Ramadan, Cairo is a difficult city to compete with. Despite Cairo’s uniqueness, the Ramadan spirit is special, and it paints everything it touches in its colour. Alexandria also has its own magic when mixed with Ramadan’s charm, creating an enchanting effect.

Sunsets over the Mediterranean, the lapping waves, the sound of them crashing on the shore; there is a reason Alexandria is considered the jewel of the Mediterranean. Four Seasons Hotel Alexandria shares this magic mixed with the essential Ramadan moments with its guests, where all needs are met as the hotel promises a from-dusk-to-dawn experience! 

The services go from comfortable stays during the languid fasting hours, Iftars overlooking the sunset on the sea, to relaxing treatments at the spa curated by expert wellness specialists, an authentically prepared Suhoor, and much more in between!

Guests are invited to indulge themselves in the serenity and tranquillity of Alexandria and its magnificent sea by exploring this charming getaway in a luxurious room or a suite that includes a Suhoor meal, which comes with a 15 per cent discount on Iftar at Kala Restaurant. 

Executive Chef Wael Essam and his team of expert chefs at Kala and Byblos restaurants create a memorable culinary experience. With a sea view and light and airy blues, the atmosphere is already set for a spring Ramadan to be enjoyed with family and friends. On top of that, you can watch the sunset behind the glass and the shimmering blue sky as you break your fast; you won’t want to leave the fantasy!

Kala restaurant offers a selection of live stations with dishes that aren’t just Egyptian (Cairene or Alexandrian) but from all over the region! If you’re into Syrian-Lebanese cuisine in particular, then Byblos Restaurant is perfect for you, as Chef Essam Arabou prepares a set menu inspired by his hometown, Aleppo.

Then, when the time comes for dessert, be prepared to feel zero guilt as you indulge in Chef Ahmed Fathy, renowned for his creativity, innovation, and brilliant crafting of delicious sweet courses, will be creating healthy Ramadan desserts. 

Over the weekends, the Iftar buffets of Kala and Byblos restaurants join to form one mega, spectacular Iftar that offers the best of their cuisines and the talents of their chefs. 

In the evening, there is no room for boredom; Shisha Lounge creates an Arabian style atmosphere while you gather with your family and friends for Egyptian favourites! (but not without a twist from the hotel). Throughout the weekends, the hotel features live entertainment during Iftar and Suhoor.

When it’s time for serenity again, the spa will be waiting for you with an energetic fitness class or a relaxing spa treatment, whatever you feel like!To plan a Ramadan getaway, call the hotel on 035818000 or contact them by e-mail and discover their special offers here.