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Heliopolis to Get a New Cultural Hub
written by
Sherif Khairy

Historical buildings around Cairo have been receiving special treatment over the past few months. A lot of buildings, especially in Downtown, have been renovated and restored. Now the time has come for Heliopolis. After the renovation plans for the historic Palace Cinema, now comes the time for the equally historical Granada Building in Heliopolis.

Just like the plan to renovate Downtown Cairo, the plan to revive the structural heritage of Heliopolis is underway. Overlooking what’s currently the Merryland Park, the Granada building was initially established in the 19th century and is a living relic of Spanish architecture. At the time, the Merryland Park was a horse racecourse, and you could see the whole thing from the Granada Building.

Over time, the racecourse was no more, and the site became known as the Granada Casino. A few more steps down the staircase of history, and a small amusement park is added. But in the early 2000s, history stood still as the building was shut down.

Planned to take 12 months, the Heliopolis Company for Housing and Development will take over this project under the supervision of the Ministry of Environment, as well as the authority of the Cairo governorate. In 2015, this building was up for demolition, but we’re glad to see the majority’s opinion being swayed towards renovating it.

The plan is to turn this building into an open-air theatre, unleashing a new cultural hub in the heart of Heliopolis. You’ll also be glad to know that this renovation project is set to cost the government exactly nothing, as the 2-million EGP project is funded by social donations.

The Granada Building renovation comes in the phase of the plan to renovate historical buildings in Heliopolis. This phase also includes Palace Cinema, Groppi Building, Adham Carnival Building, as well as the Heliopolis Metro Museum.