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IN PICTURES: Archaeological Mission Discovers Roman Ship Repair Workshop

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IN PICTURES: Archaeological Mission Discovers Roman Ship Repair Workshop
    written by
    Sherif Khairy

    While almost every corner in Egypt has some sort of Pharaonic relic, there are other monuments of different descent in our country. The Egyptian archaeological mission in Abo Saifi Hill in North Sinai has discovered the remains of what used to be a workshop for repairing ships and boats in the Ptolemaic and Roman eras.

    The mission discovered remains of a limestone building in the southern part of Abo Saifi Hill. They identified a number of dry basins, which resemble the structure of a workshop for repairing and building ships. The area had two separate basins separated by a rectangular building, with the edges of each basin going 25 metres deep into the earth. Ships would be brought to this basin for maintenance and repairs.

    After further investigations, the limestones were discovered to have been transported from their original deposition area to this place to be used for different purposes. The mission also identified this area as a repair area for ships due to the discovery of decomposed wood parts that were spread out in organised layers inside the large basin. This is thought to have been used in repairing ships, or to be the remainder of the ships and boats which have passed by this place.

    Additionally, the mission also located a large number of bronze and iron nails, which were also used to repair ships. They’ve also found the remains of fish that were prominent in this area, during ancient times when a branch of the Nile passed through this part of Sinai. Additionally, the mission came across a large number of foreign and locally-made pottery products.

    The Egyptian archaeological mission has been working intensively in the area of Abo Saifi Hill. The mission is part of a larger project dedicated to discovering the old port of Abo Saifi Hill; the project began in the early 1990s.