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IN PICTURES: EgyptAir Inaugurates B787-9 Dreamliner With Brand New Cabin Crew Uniforms

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IN PICTURES: EgyptAir Inaugurates B787-9 Dreamliner With Brand New Cabin Crew Uniforms
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EgyptAir has recently announced the inauguration of their new B787-9 Dreamliner with new cabin crew uniforms. As an airline, EgyptAir has always stood out from the crowd and done things differently. Indeed, the fact that EgyptAir has long been a part of Star Alliance is a testament to their adherence to both high-quality and novelty.

These uniforms truly reflect who EgyptAir is, while maintaining that famous EgyptAir style. An airline expects its pilots to have competence, confidence, and professionalism. Accordingly, these are also the characteristics that an airline wants to project in the uniform it chooses for members of its cabin crew.


While it’s easy to design something that looks good on a model strutting down the catwalk, it’s much more challenging to create something practical that staff will be comfortable in, and be proud of wearing.

We can safely say that EgyptAir has met all those criteria, with a new uniform that gives out a clean-cut, conservative look, with a white shirt, tie, cap, and a buttoned blazer. EgyptAir, however, is still loyal to their navy blue colour because that’s part of their brand identity.

We do applaud the increasing trend of EgyptAir using actual staff members for their promotional photos and launches, rather than professional models. It is honestly a bit insulting if an airline shows off their new design with perfect models and then expects their regular staff to be able to look as good as a professional model.