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IN PICTURES: This Is Why Mike Tyson Is in Egypt!

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IN PICTURES: This Is Why Mike Tyson Is in Egypt!
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    Yesterday, following the amazing Red Hot Chili Peppers concert, we told all you about how we should all expect Egypt to become a pivotal centre, which hosts a wide range of cultural acts. Today, we can safely say that our expectation is slowly, but surely, transforming into a reality, with Mike Tyson paying Egypt a visit. Now, of course, you are reading this and saying “well, he is just visiting, what does this have to do with Egypt becoming a hub for varying cultural acts?”


    Well, our little birdies have told us that Tyson is in town because he is to star in an Egyptian made film, alongside Egyptian actor Amr Saad. The renowned international boxer is here to shoot his scenes in the movie titled “7amlet Pharon”. It has been rumoured that the film revolves around an Egyptian, named Yehia, who is the leader of one of the biggest mafia gangs. Following a thrilling series of events, Yehia finds himself in Syria to rescue the girl he loves. It is additionally rumoured that the movie will star Ruby, Mahmoud Abdel Moghny, Hamdy El-Marghany, and Mohamed Lotfy.

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    As of now, we are unsure which role Tyson himself will be playing, but we surely can’t wait to see him and his kick-ass moves in Egyptian cinemas!