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It’s Official: Egyptian Falafel Are the Best in the World!

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It’s Official: Egyptian Falafel Are the Best in the World!
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Ever wonder where your favourite foods come from? You’d be surprised to discover the origins of some of the most popular dishes around the world. Indeed, many recipes have taken interesting routes to become the meals we know and love. It’s just when you stop to think you know everything, you learn something surprising, like the fact that fava beans are the main ingredient in taameya (Egyptian falafel), as opposed to chickpeas (the main ingredient in Lebanese, Syrian, and Palestinian falafel).

Starring in the BBC’s Culinary Roots series from their Travel section, shines our beloved Egyptian taameya. Travel blogger, Dene Mullen, has written an article telling his experience into the alleyways of the Abdeen neighbourhood, highlighting the happiness he experienced while munching down on piping hot taameya, served inside aish baladi. Salivating yet? That’s exactly how we felt while going through this article.

As noted in the article, nearby countries such as Lebanon and Syria have garnered themselves a reputation for incorporating greater flair into their falafel sandwiches; however, Mullen stated that, in terms of taste, Egyptian taameya wins the falafel game.  It is important to note here that Zooba won the best falafel at the 2016 London Falafel Festival in Borough Market, beating the Palestinian and Lebanese competitors.

Much earlier this year, in January, we wrote an article indicating that the Guardian had confirmed that Egypt is home to the best falafel recipe! Take a look here. It’s quite interesting, we promise.