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Make Your Summer More Memorable at Bo Sidi Abdelrahman on the North Coast

Bo Sidi Abdelrahman Bonbonne KidZania North Coast
Make Your Summer More Memorable at Bo Sidi Abdelrahman on the North Coast
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If you’re looking for a fun place to spend your summer days and nights, Bo Sidi Abdelrahman is the place to be! With many locations available inside the coastal town, your summer will be extra memorable.

Let’s start with the newest nightlife hotspot Bonbonne, founded in 2018 by Sébastien Ziani in Saint Tropez. His vision was to make a private French beach bar where people can have a good time socialising in the perfect summer atmosphere. Now, you can get a similar experience right here in the motherland!

Bonbonne beach bar opens from 12:00 PM to 7:00 PM. Afterwards, you can enjoy beach parties on the shore from 7:00 PM to 12:00 AM. Of course, you can always check their Instagram to find out about events happening this summer.

If you’re looking to enjoy a good meal, there’s no need to worry because Bo Sidi Abdelrahman has the best drive-thru food truck hub at its Sunset Drive! Enjoy food from various chain restaurants like Cinnabon, Daro’s, Dr. Sausage, Dukes, Koweidar, Mince, and many more.

Looking to stay fit over your break? Bo Sidi Abdelrahman has got you covered! Nothing beats working out with a view of the ocean at Ignite Gym, where you can crank up your fitness routine and get in great shape.

Your kids will also have the time of their lives at Kidzania Bo Sidi Abdelrahman, where children get the chance to live in their own world, play, and enjoy non-traditional activities that help them live their summer dreams, and so will you!

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