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National Geographic Lists Dahab’s Coastline Among the Top in the Middle East

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National Geographic Lists Dahab’s Coastline Among the Top in the Middle East
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    Almost two weeks ago, National Geographic listed the best beaches in the Middle East, and included Egypt’s very special spot on the sea, Dahab, on the list, along with other locations from across the region. The list also included Oludeniz beach in Turkey, The Dead Sea beach in Jordan, Tyre beach in Lebanon, Kite beach and Saadiyat beach in UAE, Salalah beach in Oman, Djerba in Tunisia, and Nissi in Cyprus.

    But, let’s talk about Dahab; the beauty of the town will steal your soul as soon as you step on its ground. It’s a piece of heaven that has been granted to our beloved country, with a multitude of healthy coral reefs as well as breathtaking views.  

    Additionally, it has been stated by National Geographic that Dahab will become a local and an international must-go nomadic attraction spot, due to its coastal hiking overlooking ever-so-vividly blue waters of dive sites such as The Blue Hole and Ras Abu Gallum, which is located between the neighbouring town of Nuweiba and Dahab.

    Aside from the beaches, the protectorate is also home to 165 species of plants, where 44 of them are native to the area, as well as a wide range of sea and land animals.

    P.S. This isn’t the first time that an Egyptian beach has been internationally recognised for the beauty of its beaches and coastlines. Back in 2018, Trip Advisor published their Traveler’s Choice Awards of the best beaches in different regions around the world, and our very own Sharm El Luli took the first spot in the Middle East beaches.