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Peace of Mind Has Been Perfected Thanks to Ramla

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Peace of Mind Has Been Perfected Thanks to Ramla
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Cairo 360

Sahel developments are seemingly endless, the massive North Coast keeps getting longer and longer it seems, giving infinite hosting to creative developers looking to offer something new. While a lot focus on chill beaches and swanky summer parties, other focus on quality family time. But this one is a bit different, it’s named Ramla, and this new development is much more than just a beach resort.

We were invited to their prelaunch event yesterday, and we’re so glad to have been there. At the View Ballroom at Lake-House, the invited brokers and media entities listened on as the CEOs of the companies involved gave speeches on their aspirations, goals, and ultimate vision for this development. It absolutely took us by storm, as we never imagined a North Coast development encompassing such a comprehensive host of amenities dedicated to create a sustainable community for luxury living.

Ramla is a North Coast resort that also offers luxury all-year round living; thanks to its cooperation with the German Company, it combines Mediterranean freedom with German precision. And while it focuses on luxury and upscale residential spaces, it also strives to remain affordable and accessible to a wide demographic in the Egyptian market. Get ready to replace your hectic city life with laid-back living, and rejuvenate your soul through soaking up the yellow sun affront vast blue sea views; peace of mind, perfected.

The German Company has been in operation since 2008 as a real estate company, and have managed various huge projects, which is why they were able to meticulously achieve the vision of Ramla: a beautiful, yet practical, community with all the needed amenities located directly on the beach. Their aim is to provide excellent healthcare services, quality education, and a comprehensive service provision through entertainment facilities, retail sections, and of course sports centres. But they also want to give you the opportunity to treat yourself at the spa, or enjoy fine dining at top-notch restaurants.

If you’re interested, and we know you are, follow them on Instagram, and check out their website to know more about their Phase 1 and their comprehensive Master Plan. This new project is as exciting as it gets, there’s finally an opportunity for all-year round living in the North Coast, away from the hustle and bustle of the city, right in the centre of the Mediterranean freedom, built by German precision, and served with a comprehensive selection of top-notch facilities, all in upscale and affordable residential options. What more could you ask for?