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Perfect Activities for Fall in Cairo

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Perfect Activities for Fall in Cairo
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    Aminah Keevy

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    You can’t help but love the summer-winter weather cycle in Egypt. However, during the transitional days, you really do have to take advantage of the few glimpses of autumn that we are lucky enough to live through. So these are a few of our favourite activities to do during the switch of the seasons 一 when it’s just cool enough to be comfortable in the sun and still not need a jacket!

    Via Egyptian Streets

    Day-Trip to Wadi Degla

    One way to appreciate the natural landscapes that Cairo has to offer would include a quick trip to the Wadi Degla Protectorate. With options such as hiking, biking, and bonfire sitting, this day trip is perfect for families or groups of friends looking to get out of the bustling city without going too far. We recommend you wear your hiking shoes and take s’mores supplies for the post-hike barbeque and relaxing sit-around that is sure to take place! Keep in mind that you may need to walk quite far into the valley to find a good spot to set up, so driving in with a car should be considered.

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    Felucca & Corniche Walk

    Chilling on the Nile is a guaranteed good time throughout the year. But what makes this season particularly lovely for felucca lounging is the opportunity to truly see the islands and the city from the water during the daytime. The summer heat usually makes a sunset-evening cruise more preferable, but for the next several months, the temperatures are cool enough to float up and down the river in the sun without turning into a crisp. We recommend you grab some snacks, hop on a boat with some friends to kill a couple of hours on the water, then walk along the corniche to end your outing with a scoop of ice cream or bowl of rice pudding! A chilly day in Cairo doesn’t get much better than this!

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    Picnic in Al Azhar Park

    If you aren’t as interested in sand or sea, maybe Al Azhar Park is the way to go. Amidst the greenery and views of the citadel, this large public space is more than ideal for a weekend outing in the fall. Head to Al Azhar with a picnic and park activities before it gets too cold to keep the kids outside for too long! We suggest you take a blanket to set out on the grass and yard games to play and enjoy the weather. Remember that entry costs 25 to 30LE for adults and 15 to 20LE for children between 4 and 12 years old.

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