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Plans for Eid, Anyone? 4 Booking Apps That Will Make Your Trip Easier

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Plans for Eid, Anyone? 4 Booking Apps That Will Make Your Trip Easier
    written by
    Nada Medhat

    Eid Al-fitr is finally here, and it feels like we have a lot of planning to do! Whether that be in Cairo or not, having time off, especially on holidays, is the perfect opportunity to catch up on the list of places you want to visit and relax before it’s crunch-time once again. It’s a good week off work, so you’re free to travel around and relax in the resort or seaside town of your choice!

    We know, however, that preparing for a trip requires a lot of energy and details. From booking a room in an apartment or choosing a hotel, looking for your accommodation can be quite the hassle that might turn you off from travelling altogether!

    Fret no more, we’re bringing you the best and easiest apps to book your accommodations through!


    Airbnb isn’t the world’s favourite vacation rental app for no reason! It operates primarily through an online marketplace for lodging and rentals that relies on the simple concept of hosts and renters. Instead of booking a hotel room, you can rent a cosy studio or a home-y apartment, or even just a couch! (And if you have a place here or there, you can become a host and make some cash). The main perk about Airbnb is that it thrusts you right in the heart of whatever city you’re visiting, making you feel like a part of its locals. is a Dutch-based travel agency for lodgings and rentals. It’s definitely one of the most popular booking apps out there, on the same level as Airbnb except it’s mainly for hotels. However, you can also book villas or vacation rentals through it, and all the options above are done with the same ease through a simple, quick interface. 


    The Expedia app promotes itself as an all-in-one travel app, where you can book every detail of your trip through it: Flights, car rentals, hotels, and tours. There is little that Expedia wouldn’t be able to help you with! If you travel regularly, Expedia is an app you want with you full-time. You can get discounts, rewards, updates, etc.


    Trivago is somewhat a mix between tripadvisor and the rest of the apps here. Its main aim is to set up over 200 listings from different booking sites so that you can compare hotels, prices and accommodations, and choose your final hotel pick. It has a perfectly clear and easy-to-use interface, where you will save money just by easily discovering hotels for great prices, finding travel discounts, deals and savings from hotels, and then make a knowledgeable decision.