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Prince Youssef Kamal Palace to Be Opened This Month

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Prince Youssef Kamal Palace to Be Opened This Month
written by
Kareem Sheta

Featured image via – Ayman El Wakeel


With the country’s current “makeover” in so many fields, especially in the culture and tourism sectors, it’s getting hard to keep up with all the latest developments. Just last week, sources announced the reopening of Mohamed Ali’s Palace, and now, another royal monument is on the rise. This month marks the reopening of the Youssef Kamal Palace, built in 1908, in the governorate of Qena.

A few weeks ago, Egypt Today stated that the ministry of antiquities is preparing for the opening of Nagaa’ Hammadi’s historic landmark, the palace of Prince Youssef Kamal, by the end of September. According to Nama, the palace was built on the banks of the Nile, encompassing nine units over an area of 10 acres. You can also check both sources to learn more details about the prince and both the interior and exterior designs of the palace. 

Mohamed Hassan, Director General of the Islamic Antiquities Sector in Qena, stated, “The palace of Prince Youssef Kamal is one of the most important palaces in Egypt in general, and in southern Egypt in particular, because of its wonderful location on the Nile River and its unique architectural style.”

According to the governor of Qena, Abdel Hamid El-Hagan, the renovations included the installation of state-of-the-art alarm systems and surveillance cameras, the solidification of the walls, as well as the restoration of the Salamlek Palace and a marble fountain called Al-Sabeel. The remaining architectural units include “the dining hall, kitchen, courtyard, shrine of Sheikh Omran, the minaret, and the lesson hall.”

After approximately 10 million LE of restoration costs, the tourist attraction-to-be will be ready to display its architectural grandeur, masterpieces, and rare collectables sooner than you think. Check out some photos from the on-site revamps right here.