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Record Breaking Number of Tourists Visit the Egyptian Museum

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Record Breaking Number of Tourists Visit the Egyptian Museum
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    We’ve always been proud of Egypt’s cultural heritage and ancient history. Indeed, Egypt’s rich history has made it a destination for travelers from all over the world. Perhaps, one of the greatest tourist attractions -located in Cairo- is the Egyptian Museum. 

    If you were worried about the number of tourists visiting Egypt this year, you’ll be glad to know that tons of tourists have flocked in to visit our country, especially on the beautiful Sham El-Nessim. The number of foreign tourists visiting the Egyptian Museum soared to 3000, while the number of locals visiting the Egyptian Museum on the same day was 1200.

    This is great news, especially considering that tourism has been suffering a great deal in Egypt. Indeed, in the year 2016 Egypt saw only 5.4 million tourists, after the annual average had been 14.7 million tourists in the preceding years (as calculated by the UNWTO). Moreover, given that Egypt is home to some genuinely breathtaking scenery, and amazing sandy beaches, we can’t help but feel that this country ought to be a year-round destination. Add to all this the fact that the Egyptian Museum itself is home to some very unique artifacts, and you can understand our excitement over the idea of Egypt getting the touristic traction that it deserves.