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Safareya: Omar Samra’s Online Magazine for Everything Travel Related

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Safareya: Omar Samra’s Online Magazine for Everything Travel Related
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Straight from one today’s most adventurous Egyptians, this magazine is all about travelling tips and tricks, and it comes from the mountain climber, hiker, adventurer, and astronaut, Omar Samra. The magazine is called Safareya, and it talks to the Arab traveller in the MENA region; the magazine is published in Arabic and English.

You can find tons of stories and adventures from Arab travellers roaming around the globe, in addition to a full guide to many cities in Arab countries such as Egypt, Lebanon, and the United Arab Emirates.

Safareya is currently an online magazine, and it represents a perfect guide for travelling. Tips on getting your travel visa, what to pack, where to go, how to enjoy it to the fullest, and even real stories of how travelling has affected people. This could be considered the main purpose of the magazine, how travelling changes a person and his tolerance towards different cultures. That’s the concept that Samra and his team are trying to spread throughout the MENA region.

By reading Safareya, you’ll learn about the most frequent problems that face travellers, and also how to solve these problems if they arise. They also have a special section for female travellers called Women’s World, helping them find the most suitable places to travel, all the tools they need, and what precautions they need to take for a safe and enjoyable trip.

Safareya’s first issue was published in August 2018. The idea was born by Ahmed Fares and Monica Gerges who suggested the idea to Omar Samra; an online magazine that tells the stories of Middle Eastern travellers, and shows those who seek to travel how to overcome all the usual challenges such as travelling on a budget. They saw a shortage of helpful content regarding travelling which is directed towards the MENA region. Samra said about this project, “It was a beautiful idea but quite difficult, which is perhaps what got me excited. Mountain climbing teaches you that the best things come to those who challenge difficulties.”

Today, Safareya magazine is visited by around 24,000 people on a monthly basis, and its content has reached over 3 million people through social media outlets. It has already started changing how people view travelling, and reformed their misconceptions about its difficulties, driving them to leave their comfort zone and explore something new. We can see that from the comments of people on their content, how they managed to overcome travel visa, money, and language barriers to travel and learn more about our world.

You can check out the magazine’s Facebook pages here: Arabic and English.