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Sahel Alternatives: Egypt’s Go-To Gems

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Sahel Alternatives: Egypt’s Go-To Gems
written by
Nada Medhat

Sometimes it seems like every given Eid or holiday in Egypt is sponsored by the North Coast, right? We exaggerate, of course, but it does have its seed in truth. This year specifically, it looks like everyone and their neighbour is heading in this one direction. And all for good reasons, El Sahel is a perfect runaway from Cairo and its heat during this week-long Eid Al Adha vacation.

But, if you’re discouraged from the crowd, or want to weigh your other options to tour Egypt and its other gorgeous spots, like always, we got you! 

Sharm El-Sheikh

Sinai as a whole is just stunning. The coral-rich Red Sea with its clear blue water, the reddish desert opening wide into the beyond, the mountains in the backdrop. Its picture-perfect beauty is enough to return us to Cairo anew! Sharm El-Sheikh is also more special for how much we associate it with our childhood. Before Dahab, when we were little kids hanging onto our parents’ coattails, Sharm El-Sheikh (and Hurghada!) were the staple summer place we always went to. During Eid, it can do you good to relive those memories and sink into Nostalgia a little bit, while still admiring the never-ending beauty and fun of this place!

Ain El Sokhna

Like Sharm El-Sheikh, Ain El-Sokhna is a testimony to nature’s beauty. Other than having some of the most beautiful beaches in Egypt and great weather, there are also tons of activities you can do there; from snorkelling and diving, to exploring the Galala mountain and city, and checking out the unimaginably beautiful petrified forest, you won’t run out of things to do!

Marsa Matrouh

As incredible as the Red Sea is, and as much poetry we could write about it, we could still all crave the Mediterranean every once in a while, right? Marsa Matrouh is the way to go, if you want to get a little taste of the North Coast vibe without going there. Known for its spellbinding blue water, white-sand beaches, and quietude, it can be the perfect escape from city life. 


Siwa oasis is a wonderful, palm trees-lush oasis at the heart of the Western Desert. It’s also the only entry on this listicle not connected to a sea, but there’s still a lot of things to do there and a tremendous amount of beauty to witness. The temples, the mountains and the lakes will open up all options for you to escape Cairo into a secluded gem of the desert! Especially if you like sand surfing, this one’s for you!