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Sahel Guide: This Weekend’s Best North Coast Parties

Sahel Guide: This Weekend’s Best North Coast Parties
    written by
    Cairo 360

    If the very
    sight of this photograph makes you miserable and wish you were anywhere but
    stuck at your desk right now; trust us, you’re not alone. Getting back into
    Cairo mode is really tough after a long, relaxing weekend on the beach, so we’ve
    decided to brighten up your 9 to 5 a little by giving you something to look
    forward to: this weekend’s party schedule in Sahel. If you were on the North
    Coast last weekend, you may have caught Beirut’s Music Hall at Tamarai NC151,
    the fireworks show at Sky Bar or Marina’s live concert featuring everyone’s
    favourite mono-brow, Tamer Hosny.

    For this
    weekend, Sahel has a packed musical schedule for all of us beach-goers.

    He brought us
    Sophie Ellis Bextor two months ago, now Ahmed Ganzoury’s party planning company
    ByGanz is bringing DJ Freemasons and Katherine Ellis to Tamarai NC 151 in
    Bianki Beach (Km 151) this Friday, July 23rd. Local DJ
    talents DJ Samba, DJs ToyBoys and DJ Pro Moe are also set to play.

    Contrary to
    the late-night tradition of partying in Sahel, the event will actually start at
    4PM and end at 11:30PM. Tickets cost a whopping 450LE per person (and we’re not sure if that includes
    anything other than a cover charge) and can be purchased on, or you can call
    0107774040 for reservations.

    For something
    more chilled and much later in the evening, DJ Tito
    will be playing this Thursday at Indigo Marassi (Km 129) for a fun night
    of funk, house and disco hits. For reservations, please call 0106015036 or
    0102507370. If you get there a little early, enjoy the restaurant’s daytime
    menu of beachside Asian fusion cuisine and shisha.

    On the desert
    side of the North Coast road in the Mercedes Benz Showroom (Km 124), Mercedes
    Star Lounge
    promises an Arabian Nights’ show on Thursday, July 22nd, which
    includes live musical performance by Lebanese artists in both classical and
    contemporary music. On Friday, July 23rd, Mercedes Lounge has local artists
    Sobhi Bedair and Sadek performing a show suited for all ages. For more
    information and reservations, call 0123125120 or 0123459246 between 12PM and
    3PM, or 6PM and 9PM.

    apparently come back after its rumoured opening night mishap, Sky Bar in Hacienda Bay
    (Km 132) is where it’s at this Saturday, July 23rd, for your last
    chance to party Sahel-style before heading back home to reality. Lounge by the
    bar’s beach and enjoy ice-cold cocktails, while at night, a resident DJ
    will pick up the pace as you enjoy their flame show, non-go-go dancers and multi-level seating areas. Call 0120666660 or 0120555550 for information and reservation.

    As with all of
    the numbers listed in this guide, you may not get an answer if you call during
    the day, as we assume that most of the people operating these numbers only work during the evenings just before party time. Seeing as this can tamper any
    last-minute reservation plans, make sure you call several days ahead.

    If all this doesn’t inspire you to pull on your dancing shoes, there’s always Andrea at Hacienda, as long as you can get in- the restaurant’s manager is a living legend when it comes to his front-door policy.

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    information on where to stay and what to do in Sahel, check out our Guide to
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