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IN PICTURES: Sarcophagus Discovered in Menofia Governorate

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IN PICTURES: Sarcophagus Discovered in Menofia Governorate
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Egypt’s Ministry of Antiquities has been making great archaeological discoveries over the past few months. Indeed, there was a treasure trove of a 2500-year-old town discovered this past month (March) at Samara Hill, followed by the discovery of quarries which house animal skeletons, plant scraps and pottery apparatus. As such, The Ministry of Antiquities can’t seem to surprise enough these days by their exerted efforts towards finding missing pieces of our past.

Today, we bring you the freshest addition to these discoveries. A group of archaeologists working at Quesna queries site in Menofia governorate, have discovered a sarcophagus made of limestone during an excavation at the northwestern region of the site. The sarcophagus measures two metres in length and about 60 cm wide. The mummy has been moved to a restoration lab at a warehouse, where it will be preserved. The whole relocating process has been done under the supervision of Dr Ghareb Sonbol, Head of the Restoration and Preservation Department at the Ministry.

Moreover, Dr Ghareeb has declared that the team is currently working on uncovering the rest of the sarcophagus, in preparation for moving it to a safer environment. On top of that, the team has discovered part of old Quesna cemetery, which dates back to the Old Kingdom. The cemetery contains various styles of burials.

Additionally, Dr Nadia Khedr – Director of Lower Egypt Antiquities, said that a scarab-shaped golden appliqué has recently been delivered to the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, as well as three more limestone canopic jar lids many pottery pots, amphorae, parts of bronze nails, plates, and a bronze Ptolemaic coin.