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Soft Beach: A Treasured Nuweiba Camp

Soft Beach:  A Treasured Nuweiba Camp
    written by
    Hannah Cooper

    While all Nuweiba
    lovers have their favourite camp, if you want a camp with a sandy rather than rocky
    beach and some of the most gracious hosts around; try Soft Beach.
    Located at the south entrance of Tarabin beach in Nuweiba, Soft Beach provides
    sweet serenity and a magical retreat from the Cairo chaos.  

    Whether you’re
    taking the bus or brave enough to drive yourself; the camp isn’t hard to find.
    Located directly off the highway on the Taba-Nuweiba Route, the camp is approximately a
    30-minute drive after Ananda towards Nuweiba town andthe Nuweiba

    The camp will
    take over six hours to reach from Cairo.
    Nestled along the shoreline with clear blue waters and plenty of coral reefs, Soft Beach
    is a wonderful spot for snorkelers. While the sandy beach itself is rather
    spacious, it’s perfect for activities ranging from frisbee to yoga.

    If you’re up for
    sleeping under the stars, the beach can be your bed for 30LE a night. Bamboo
    and wooden huts are also available including large huts that can hold between
    two to three people (60LE per hut for one person, plus 30LE per additional person), or smaller huts that are
    ideal for no more than one person unless you like to cuddle real close (40LE
    per hut, plus 30LE per additional person). During this reviewer’s many visits, the huts have always been clean
    and provide a locked door, electricity outlet and bedding, as well as mosquito

    shared bathrooms are found on site, divided between men’s and women’s. The
    bathrooms may not be fancy but they are clean and tidy, and the toilets and
    shower get the job done. The newly remodelled showers are open to the sky for
    any open-air shower fans.  

    A free breakfast
    is also included in the cost of all overnight stays and is cooked up in the
    only café at the camp site. Cushions line the walls as lanterns dimly light the
    open-air café. Whether you opt for sweet pancakes with banana and honey, or a
    traditional Egyptian breakfast; their food is substantial and satisfying. The
    full-scale menu ranges from mezzas including hummus and salad to pizza and
    pasta dishes; all ranging between 15LE to 45LE. Drinks include fresh juices,
    iced coffee and beer and wine. Open until 11PM, the open-air café also makes
    for a great place for a game of cards at night.

    If you left your
    reading material behind, there’s a small collection of books on site, free of
    charge. Snorkelling gear is also available for rent or purchase and day trips
    to St. Catherine’s or a hike in the mountains can be arranged as well.

    From the camp’s
    liberal atmosphere (read: few rules apply) to the outstanding customer service,
    owners Cristina and Kamal never fail to help you feel right at home. They treat
    you like family and after a visit or two, getting a discount isn’t difficult to
    come by.  

    For a day at the
    camp including a night’s stay, food, drinks, and rentals, expect to pay between 100 to 120LE; which makes Soft Beach a reasonably priced holiday option. If you’re an
    internet junkie, Wi-Fi is also available free of charge; but seeing as how you’re
    at the beach, do you really need a laptop?  

    Soft Beach is a consistent choice and is never
    disappointing. From its usual cleanliness to the sandy beaches and staff that
    knows how to make you feel at home, there might be nothing better.

    For reservations, contact Soft Beach on (002) 0693500010 or check out their website for more information.