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Solo Traveling: 5 Destinations for a Wholesome Experience

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Solo Traveling: 5 Destinations for a Wholesome Experience
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Solo travelling should be on everyone’s bucket list. Unlike travelling in groups, picking a destination to head to on your own has to be fun, carefree, and full of activities. With summer out of the way, we can finally enjoy travelling to places other than the beach and head to destinations rich in culture or even the desert, as heat is no longer a concern for travellers. So, here are five places to add to your list for your next trip of self-discovery. 



A primitive experience with modern-day activities, Siwa, with its solar electricity-dependent hotels and salt lakes, is the ideal destination to explore the desert, go for a dip, visit historical sites, or encounter a whole new culture. Influenced by their Amazigh heritage, Siwi locals speak a different language and have their own unique music, dance, and delicious traditional dishes. From swimming in cold and hot springs to watching olives being pressed into delicious liquid gold, Siwa offers you a bit of everything in one location. 

Must Visits: 

Mountain of The Dead (ask for Omar as your tour guide – don’t worry, they’ll know who you’re talking about), Taghaghin Island (you can go for a sunset boat ride or a Siwi party every Thursday), salt lakes, and the local Siwi market. 



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If you’re a true vacationer, Gouna’s got you! With incredible bars, restaurants, and pretty lagoons, Gouna is the perfect place to disconnect, unwind, and socialise. 

Must visits: 

La Scala, Pier88, Bagel Tree, and Mangrove Beach. 



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In a warm desert with magic lakes, Fayoum is the perfect location to enjoy freshly baked feteer, go for fun water activities, and end your mornings with the perfect pool dip after a long hike.

Must visits:

Magic Lake, Mount Medwara, and Tunis Village. 



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What’s better than watching the sunset by the beach while eating delicious food? Bringing you the perfect blend of city life, sea, and delicious food, Alexandria is the ideal city for foodies and sea lovers to visit. History and art lovers also have plenty to discover, as Alexandria is known to be a hub for ancient and modern culture. 

Must visits:

Aly El Hendy Coffee Shop, Abo Noura Seafood Restaurant, Eshaq Helmy beach, and The Royal Jewelry Museum. 



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While not as city-like as Sharm or as empty as Neuwiba, Dahab offers the perfect Sinai destination for a solo traveller looking for a perfectly balanced experience. Between kite surfing, Bedouin parties, boat rides, or bonfires by the beach, Dahab has got it all. 

Must visits: 

Coral Coast Bar,  Abo Galoum Island, Wady El Weshwash, Moods Art House, and Jackies Mexican Restobar, where salsa classes are offered daily at 9:00 pm.