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Staying in Cairo? Here Are Six Places You Can Take Your Kids to During Eid

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Staying in Cairo? Here Are Six Places You Can Take Your Kids to During Eid
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As much as this year’s Ramadan was so enjoyable and full of devoutness, we can’t wait for Eid Al-Fitr! Our mouths are salivating at the approaching prospect of stuffing our faces with those delicious sugar-covered, circular biscuits. But, it seems like eating kahk is a constant and standard routine every year. Eid Al-Fitr is not only about sweet-tasting, soluble carbs; on the contrary, togetherness and intimacy is a vital component, which is why we recommend you try the following outdoor physical group activities, starting tomorrow!

Africa Park

Why go to South Africa, when you can enjoy your very own African safari right here in Egypt? On your way to the North Coast at the 65th kilometre on the Alexandria Desert Road, you get a chance to witness wildlife in their natural habitat at Africa Park. This venue is the first of its kind in Egypt, and the largest in the Middle East.

Watching animals is not the only enjoyable activity that you can do there.  You could take a peaceful cruise along the river and kick back as you watch the exotic birds, playful monkeys, and slightly terrifying crocodiles. You can see other types of reptiles and rare animals while exploring the caves as well. After a long day of adventures, you can relax at the hotel there, amidst the forest, and get a bite to eat at the nearby Zambezi Restaurant.

Dream Park

If you haven’t heard of Doobi, then you’re probably a member of the millennial generation (which makes us feel really old right now). Doobi was, and still is, the official mascot of Dream Park whose face was on almost every TV screen when we were growing up. Located in Dream Land in 6th of October City, Dream Park is the leading amusement park in Egypt and the Middle East.

Over 150 acres of fun-filled rides await you, with a wide variety of fast food cafés, restaurants, souvenir shops, and theatres for all ages. The types of rides are built to accommodate both the adventurous visitors and the more cautious members, including bumper cars, the famous and popular rocket ride, the petrifying yet equally entertaining train of death, and so many more. 

Arabian Nights

Did you know that horse riding gives you ten mental and physical health benefits, such as developing problem-solving skills, creating time to relax, and increasing muscle tone and strength? The Arabian Nights Country Club and Resort, located at the 48th kilometre on the Fayoum Desert Road, offers its guests a memorable stay through its high-quality services and activities, primarily horse riding. Beach buggy safaris in the Fayoum desert, next to the ancient Lake Moeris, are also available. Needless to say, the resort really lives up to its name as it provides two of the most prevalent outdoor activities in the Arab world, horse riding and desert safaris. 

Pharaonic Village

With over 260,000 followers on Facebook, the Pharaonic Village is the ultimate Eid destination. Its description states that the concept was envisioned by its founder, Dr Hassan Ragab, to show life in an ancient Egyptian village around 2000 B.C.

Work on the village started in 1977 when canals were dug, and waterways were made on the island. Moreover, approximately 500 trees were planted to screen the village from the city, and it was eventually inaugurated in May 1984 in a semi-finished state.

Activities include participating in workshops, shopping in bazaars, watching real live models in ancient Egyptian attire, as well as, a Nile trip, an exploration of King Tutankhamun’s tomb, a tour of historical museums that display boats, methods of mummification & medicine, and Cleopatra’s museum.

Aqua Park

When we think heat, we think water. And when we think water, we think pools and oceans. And that’s where Aqua Park comes into play. Situated next to Future Academy – Higher Future Institute for Specialized Technological Studies on Masr – Al Ismailia Desert Road, the park guarantees a pleasurable aquatic experience for you and your family with its crazy water slides.

Family Land

If you want to catch any of the upcoming national or international movies, starring your favourite celebrity, then just type in “Family Land” in your GPS, after which it will take you to one of the oldest and most well-known areas in Maadi. Right next to the cinema, you’ll find a flight of stairs that take you down to an entertainment area, where you and your kids can enjoy a day of bowling, arcade games, and so much more.