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The Beach Bag Essentials That You Can’t Go Without

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The Beach Bag Essentials That You Can’t Go Without
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Cairo 360

Summer is here! We can’t say that enough, really. And what does summer mean? The beach, of course! And for the best summer beach experience, we’re here to bring you the essential beach bag items that you absolutely cannot forget.

The list of essentials is all about protecting you from the scorching sun, keeping you hydrated, and ultimately giving you the best experience, full of good, fun times.

To keep you safe from all the sun’s heat, don’t forget to bring along:

1. Sun Screen 50+. It’s preferable to apply it every 2 hours if you’re exposed to direct sunlight.

2. Moisturiser: This will help ease the pain if the sun takes its toll on you.

3. Ointment for Burns: Take care of any sun damage with an ointment to tackle any issue quickly.

Stay safe from all other possible beach menaces:

1. Glycerin Soap: This is the perfect soap to wash yourself after swimming in the sea.

2. Antiseptic Cream: This will come in handy if you get a small cut on the beach.

3. A small bottle of Vinegar or Lemon: Jellyfish bites are hellish, but vinegar and lemon can make them go away easily.

Now for the real essentials, the fun ones, outside of all that health & fitness stuff. While the upcoming list may include some obvious entries, we thought it best to include everything, lest you forget.

1. A fluffy towel

2. A bottle of water

3. Comfy flip-flops

4. Sunglasses

5. Small Speakers: If there’s an opportunity to play some music, who would pass up on some summer beats by the sea?

6. Detanglers: This works wonders for women have their hair messed up by the relentless waves.

7. A Water-Resistant Case: This case will come in handy for safe-keeping of keys, phones, and any other electronics. Make sure it’s sealed to prevent water or sand from damaging your stuff.

What do you think, Cairenes? Are there any essentials we have missed? What does your magical beach bag have inside?