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The Coptic Museum in Cairo is Celebrating 108 Years of Heritage

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The Coptic Museum in Cairo is Celebrating 108 Years of Heritage
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The beauty of Egypt lies in its incredibly vast and diverse history, culture, and monuments. One of the greatest sights to visit in Cairo is the Coptic Museum, an ancient relic originally founded by Marcus Simaika.

The 8,000 square metre museum houses significant displays of Coptic art within its beautiful corridors and halls. Today, the Coptic Museum is celebrating its 108th birthday, and it is set to be a grand celebration. Ilham Salah El-Din, President of the Department of Museums, stated that the celebration will run for three consecutive days.

Starting this Sunday, there will be an exhibition under the name, Incredible Pieces of Coptic Art, and it is to be followed by another one, created in collaboration with the Fine Arts Faculty of Helwan University, called, Inspiration from Heritage.

The celebratory activities will include the opening of a new hall in the Coptic Museum: The Hall of Old Cairo. This hall will display different artifacts from Egypt’s oldest churches. There will also be a number of artistic displays, courtesy of the Scouting Team of the Hanging Church, and in collaboration with the Ministry of Culture.

Dr. Magdy Mansour, General Director of Renovating and Maintaining Egypt’s Grand Museums, will be delivering a lecture on the achievements and challenges faced by the Coptic Museum on the second day of the celebration. As for third day’s celebrations, a number of talented students, selected by the Ministry of Education, will participate in training activities through which they will learn the art of crafting clay models resembling the ancient relics displayed inside the Museum.