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These International Travel Vloggers Gave Egypt A Five Star Rating

These International Travel Vloggers Gave Egypt A Five Star Rating
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    Explorers who have long been interested, and who have long been pondering the question of whether or not Egypt is a safe travel destination, likely attribute their doubts and fears to western media.  Specifically, such travelers ascribe their perception of Egypt as an unsafe location, to the negative limelight the country has been receiving since the revolution. It seems, however, that two travel vloggers, and international travelers, have offered a different answer to the question of Egypt’s safety, than the one publicized by media outlets.

    Nick aka The Indigo Traveler and Jordan aka Travel light, have not only traveled to Egypt, they also seemed to experience the marvels of it all. Indeed, both travelers took the time to speak up, in an effort to address the stereotype which deems Egypt an unsafe travel location, especially for foreigners. As such, both vloggers highlight the fact that the country is worth experiencing, and that all the negative opinions surrounding Egypt typically stem from, as they both say, “people who had never been there before.” 

    New Zealand born Nick, who traveled last year, states that “99.9% of people [he] met were super, super friendly”. Nick also goes on to affirm that the existence of one or two dangerous areas in Egypt, ought not to be a reason that holds anyone back from experiencing the country, and from making incredible memories in it. The Indigo traveler also uses his platform to plead everyone to “go to Egypt with an open heart and an open mind” and promises goers a “pleasant surprise.”

    Meanwhile Jordan, who left her life in Miami to travel the world and has since then been known for her fun vlogs which document all her adventures and emphasize her cultural insights, recently traveled solo to Egypt. Despite encountering the occasional cat call, or encountering vendors who were attempting to scam her, Jordan asserts the she never felt unsafe. Indeed, she further states that the worst part about going to Egypt was the fact that she actually had to leave it.

    She advised any travelers, specifically solo female travelers, to brush off any instances of getting hassled, and to not let such instances ruin their chances of enjoying this beautiful country. She also pointed out that circumstances where guys had walked over to her and had tried to flirt or ask her out, are circumstances that happen all over the world. Correspondingly, these circumstances should not be ones that prevent any female travelers from experiencing a country, that is otherwise filled with friendly people.

    Capping it all off, both vloggers thanked their Egyptian subscribers and showed their massive love and appreciation for the country. In particular, the vloggers thanked everyone who made them feel welcome. Finally, both vloggers made it clear that they were anxious and excited to travel back to Egypt, and create new spectacular memories.