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This Historic Landmark Will Open Its Doors to the Masses in October

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This Historic Landmark Will Open Its Doors to the Masses in October
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Considered to be one of the most unique architectural masterpieces, there are lots of legends and myths surrounding the Baron Empain Palace. Baron Edouard Empain came to Cairo in 1904 to construct a railway line linking the lower Egyptian city of Mansoura to Matariya, on the far side of Lake Manzala. During his time in the country, Empain also constructed this palace. Over the past two years, the famous Heliopolis landmark has been undergoing an extensive renovation process. It has been announced by the Ministry of Antiquities that the renovation will cost around 100 million LE.

Recently, it has been reported through the Historic Cairo Restoration Project official, Mohamed Abdel Aziz, that almost 80% of the Empain renovation process has been completed, and the remaining part of the project is due to be finalised by October 2019.

Additionally, Assistant to Minister of Antiquities, Nevin Nizar, declared earlier that the exhibition is set to include an assortment of explanatory documents, illustrations, photographs, maps, and documentaries on the history of Heliopolis through the ages, especially during the Baron’s era.

Furthermore, Nizar added that the Ministry of Antiquities has been spending a whopping amount of money to change the palace from an abandoned monument to join Cairo’s touristic sightseeing stops. The overhaul project is being done in cooperation with civil society associations and the Belgian Embassy in Cairo.

The palace consists of two floors, with stained-glass windows which are studded with small pieces of Belgian glass. The palace is surrounded by a landscaped garden with ascending green terraces, each with its own marble statues and exotic vegetation.

Until now, no definite information has been announced about the entrance fees or the programs that the palace will have to offer. We’ll check regularly and keep you informed on the status of the project’s development.