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This Is How EgyptAir Is Celebrating Mother’s Day

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This Is How EgyptAir Is Celebrating Mother’s Day
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Cairo 360

Finding long lasting and permanent relationships and friendships which stand the test of time, arguments, and stress has become a rare, if not impossible, task. No connection, however, compares to that of mother and child. Indeed, the bond between mothers and their offspring is one that places itself effortlessly above all others. Take this moment and consider everything your mother has done for you; at some point in life they were our drivers, chefs, private tutors, psychologists, and best friends, all at once. 

As such, we see no occasion worth celebrating more than that of Mother’s Day, and EgyptAir seems to agree with us. As a gesture of thanks for the continuous and unconditional support and love provided to us by our mothers, EgyptAir has decided to offer a free flight to one lucky Mama! Of course, the lucky winner will be allowed to choose a person to accompany her on her free trip, as the two free aeroplane tickets take winners to a destination in the country for three days (EgyptAir will also be paying for accommodation, so don’t you worry child!)

As for entering the competition, all those who are interested should either post a picture of their mother appearing alongside EgyptAir’s iconic Horus Logo, or post any other image of their mum, as long as it showcases EgyptAir in some way. Applicants should also use the campaign’s hashtag #airtimewithmymum. The winner will be the one picture with the most likes and interactions on social media platforms.

Seems fun? You are going to find all the rules and regulations for the competition posted on their official Instagram and Facebook accounts.

You ready to grant your Mama a gift that she’ll remember years from now? Off you go!