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This Is How the Grand Egyptian Museum Will Help Its Guests Document Their Visits

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This Is How the Grand Egyptian Museum Will Help Its Guests Document Their Visits
written by
Sherif Khairy

We’ve been hearing a lot of news about the Grand Egyptian Museum over the past few months, and despite the project not yet being completed, we’re so excited to see how it all pans out. The Grand Egyptian Museum, GEM for short, is designed to be much larger than the Egyptian Museum in Tahrir, it will display a whole lot of new pieces, and will be the centre of a new touristic hub in Giza, being located right next to the pyramids and the Sphinx International Airport.

To make GEM even more appealing, the designers have put a lot of thought in the smallest of details. Starting with the logo design, moving to the architectural concept behind the building and the display of each piece inside. Every time we see a picture of GEM go public, we get even more excited to see it completed.

GEM is set to include the belongings of King Tut, they are to be displayed as a package of 5432 pieces. Most of these pieces have already been transferred to GEM, and they are set to be displayed in a way that creates a story of every-day life, as well as death rituals, in the age of Tutankhamun. The 117-acre site is to be opened with 20,000 artefacts with the star being Tutankhamun. For more information on the pieces, you can check out our earlier article.


One of the newest features we heard about is an interactive digital camera that allows you to take pictures inside the museum, and then share it on social media or send it to yourself by email. The featured video is shot by some of the workers on site, and shows a photo-booth taking a prime spot in front of Ramses the Second statue, showcasing how you can take a picture next to this grand monument. You can see it for yourself right here.