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Lemon Spaces: Transforming Tourism in Egypt

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Lemon Spaces: Transforming Tourism in Egypt
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Since the launch of apps and websites like Airbnb, TripAdvisor, Expedia, trivago, and others – which allow users to rent apartments across the globe – the concept of travelling and tourism has become a whole lot easier. Indeed, you can now filter and book accommodation by price range, cleanness, cosiness, location, and reviews, from the comfort of your bed. As such, the strategy and vision of the tourism market has been forever altered and dramatically transformed, with hotels and venues being held increasingly accountable; can you imagine what several bad reviews would do to a business?

This is where Ezz & Aly’s Lemon Spaces comes in. Lemon Spaces renovates spaces in some of Cairo’s most iconic locations. Lemon Space then offer these apartments up for rental, in hopes of attracting tourists from around the world. They also offer a range of hospitality services in the places they transform and rent out; in other words, visitors will experience life in a Cairo apartment, while simultaneously experiencing the leisure and luxury that comes with staying at a hotel. All this is done with the aim of reviving and improving the Egyptian tourism industry by providing a local version of the apps mentioned above. Given all this, Lemon Spaces is able to combine oriental influences with modern comforts, all while stressing on core values like innovation, experience, reliability, engagement & motivation, customer centricity, and hospitality.

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