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Watch: 360 Sudr Celebrates Anniversary with Youri Zoon

Watch: 360 Sudr Celebrates Anniversary with Youri Zoon
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Ras Sudr has long been considered a kitesurfing hotspot and one of the newer centres pedaling what is an unceasingly popular water-sport has been 360 Sudr (no relation).

This summer, the centre celebrated a triumphant first anniversary and helping them blow out the candles was a legend of the sport…

Dutch daredevil, Youri Zoon, is considered as one of the most naturally gifted freestyle kitesurfers around and is a two-time world champion. His storied career has seen him strut his stuff all across the world and his return to Egypt saw him hold a two-day clinic for budding kite-surfers – but, as you can see, there was plenty more going on during what was merry weekend indeed.

You can check out more on 360 Sudr on the centre’s official website and Facebook page

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