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WATCH: Thanks to Egypt, the World Has 4K Footage of Planet Earth!

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WATCH: Thanks to Egypt, the World Has 4K Footage of Planet Earth!
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Egypt has recently been making international headlines for so many reasons, the most prominent of which are investment or tourism-related pieces. Today, however, Egypt has made a headline pertinent to a very different topic: space. Indeed, Egypt is lagging behind when it comes to this discipline of study, and sophisticated area of expertise. Well, not any more folks; today, Egypt takes the lead in the field of space, for the first time in modern history.

A Russian channel, called Russia Today, has published exclusive footage of planet Earth; the footage is courtesy of an Egyptian satellite called “EgyptSat-A”. What’s so special about this? Well, the fact that this is the first satellite to capture the Earth in 4K quality. The Egyptian satellite is home to six video cameras, as well as an integrated computer system which has the capacity to control the cameras and edit the footage. Yes, you read that right folks; Egypt is actually home to a satellite that not only captures footage but also possesses the ability to edit that footage.

We are super proud to see Egypt making international headlines, especially for venturing into relatively new areas that have come to shape our understanding of our galaxy and universe as we know it. Here is to many more of such accomplishments!