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White Bay’s Nirvana Huts: Where Simplicity and Luxury Meet

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White Bay’s Nirvana Huts: Where Simplicity and Luxury Meet
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It’s the summertime again, when it’s all about having fun in the sun and enjoying a well-deserved vacation by the sea. When we speak of summer, we ultimately mention North Coast, which has seen an extreme evolution throughout recent years.

While many head there to go out and party hard, some take a break from the bustle of every-day city life, seeking refuge in the serene beauty found in other places along the coast. One of the spots happens to be Sidi Heneish, where White Bay complements the location’s natural gift with its architectural beauty and top-notch facilities.

This summer, White Bay takes its unique wellness experience to a whole new level, launching Nirvana Huts, which gathers the best of both worlds; offering the simplicity and tranquillity of living in the heart of nature, while enjoying the luxury service of a five-star hotel.

Located right in front of the Mediterranean, Nirvana Huts boast a minimal, contemporary design that blends in well with the scenery. Both fully furnished and serviced, Nirvana Huts’ doors are open for guests to enjoy a diversity of wellness activities; be it yoga, meditation, water sports, or even just enjoying some quiet time on the beach.

Catering to all tastes and needs, all huts have private bathrooms, with some including lavish spa bathtubs for an extra touch of luxury. Nirvana Huts also has a main hut that boasts various lounges and a dining area, where you can have breakfast, or savour the culinary delights from La Brezza. Huts are now available for rent via, or by calling 19164.