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Coming Soon on Shahid: Content To Look Out For

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Coming Soon on Shahid: Content To Look Out For
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Nada Medhat
Via BusinessInsider

Shahid is basically the Netflix of the MENA region, and it’s changing the game of television and cinema in the middle east. With high-level production being poured into a large number of varied projects, including mini-series and movies, there’s more creative content than ever and more constantly in the making. We’re keeping our eyes open for our future favourite shows and movies, and you need to do so as well! So, here are the most promising coming soons on the platform. 

Room 207

There’s something about a hotel that makes it an exciting setting for stories; it’s full of potential for drama, thriller, and most of all, horror. That’s why we’re keeping an eye out for Room 207. Based on the novel by the late Ahmed Khaled Tawfik and bearing the same title, the plot focuses on a room where strange occurrences take place, and only a few survive. It stars Mohamed Farag, Riham Abdel Ghafour, and Nardine Farag, so we already know we’re awaiting some great performances.

The Devil’s Promise

The portrayal of the devil is always intriguing to watch on both the big and small screens, as you can tell from the overwhelming success of Lucifer. Understandably so, with all the potential, lore, and mythology that follows him. Here, he’s being plotted against by an Egyptian man and an American widow he tricked. We can’t wait to watch the show and anticipate their rate of success at tricking the actual devil. It stars Amr Youseff and Paula Patton, alongside the great Nelly Kareem and Fathy Abd El-Wahab.

The Accused

“The dead are silent,” or so the saying goes. In The Accused, we’ll see the dangerous secrets the dead keep and what happens to those trying to discover them. Taking place in a mortuary, the show starring Dorra, Diab, and Osama Abbas is another horror/thriller that we can’t wait for! 

The Black Box

A thriller following two house robbers and a pregnant hostage, we can already imagine how deliciously nerve-wracking this film will be to watch. Especially as it stars Mona Zaki as the hostage, and Mohamed Farag and Mustafa Khater as the robbers.


The only animated series on this list, Ajwan has a promising animation style and an even more promising story to tell. It’s based on a bestselling Emirati series following a refugee girl who survives the catastrophes that kill her loved ones. She must endure a hazardous journey in deep space by herself.