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Egyptian Films to Watch for the Nostalgia Feels

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Egyptian Films to Watch for the Nostalgia Feels
written by
Nada Medhat
Via ISGlobal

The most random of things can evoke your sense of nostalgia; an old toy, a street you used to visit a lot as a kid, a building, a grandparent’s old apartment. However, there are also specific things that elicit collective nostalgia for a whole generation. In our case here and now, those are movies. The movies selected here aren’t particularly the best cinema ever birthed, the funniest or the most well-written. Some are objectively good, for sure, but that’s not the main criterion. They are ones we watched and loved as kids, ones we grew up with and naturally associate with the good old fun days, where life was simple! (it’s not a coincidence that most of our current memes are directly taken from them either!)

El- Afareet (1990)

All groups of people want to see themselves presented; indeed, it’s why representation in media is such a big deal now, especially when it comes to children. Kids just love seeing other kids on TV, why did we love seeing the most miserable, oppressed kids ever in film Al-Afareet and get so attached to them remains a mystery. But, loving them we did. We all used to watch it whenever it was on screen, and we’re willing to bet that many of us only need to hear a second of Amr Diab’s Belia to start singing along.

Hareem Kareem (2005)

This pick is not particularly great or relevant to the “kids’ world” film, and to use today’s lingua: can even be more than a little problematic. In spite of all of this, we watched it and we loved it. It was both fun and dramatic. And again, listening to one of the songs Mustafa Amar ordained the film with, is enough to get us all nostalgic and singing along. If we pass by the television while this film is on, you’ll find us rooting once again for the main characters to get back together!

El basha telmiz (2004)

Be honest, your image of what college is like was based 90 per cent on this film, right? It’s the same for all of us! Before 21 Jump Street, we had this one funny but romantic cop in the pretense of a student and a fun college group of friends, who still to this day beat most of our experiences! We might not have gone to college with them, but we watched the film so many times as kids that it could be our own memories!

El Markeb (2012)

Nothing, including a hundred conversations with our parents, did a better job at convincing us to avoid adventures behind our families’ back more than this one film. Still, as objectively clunky a film as it is, and as unlikable the characters are, it still evokes a weird, particular sense of nostalgia in us!