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Eid at Home: Mini-Series to Binge Watch

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Eid at Home: Mini-Series to Binge Watch
    written by
    Nada Medhat

    Binge-watching shows has become a talent, whether we have time off or not, we sometimes find ourselves helpless towards a certain series or two. The fully immersive experience of starting a show and continuing to watch until it’s over, and come out dazed to the real world is needed from time to time. Unfortunately, the feeling of guilt doesn’t leave us alone if we’re procrastinating, especially if we have work and responsibilities to catch up on! 

    Now, however, is the perfect time! In case you’re staying at home this Eid, then you must be on the look-out for activities to entertain you, and If you’re into series, you’re in luck! Since it’s just one week, and you might not want to spend the entirety of it watching tv, we’re recommending only short and mini-series that you can enjoy in approximately two sittings. 

    The Haunting of Hill House/The Haunting of Bly Manor

    Both the ‘The Hauntings’ are Drama-Horror mini series created by Mike Flanagan. Starring nearly the exact same cast, both shows primarily deal with a haunted house. They are not related at all story-wise and neither show requires knowing the other. Each series doesn’t have more than ten episodes, with each stretching for an hour, more or less. 


    Based on the novel of the same title by Stephen King, 11/22/63 aired around eight years ago and consists only of eight episodes that tell the full story. It’s a time-travel, action-drama story that follows a highschool teacher who agrees to time-travel to avert the death of JFK Kennedy. Soon, he falls in love and builds a life in that era, and it changes everything.


    With only one season out, this series has only six perfect episodes. The show is a murder mysetry-comedy, where there’s a new murder case to be solved with every new episode. The twist here is, despite being scripted, each episode features a guest star who plays the main Detective’s partner and isn’t handed any script. Instead, both detectives improvise their way to the end, where only the guest start has to tell who the murderer is. It’s smart, funny, and delightful!

    Midnight Mass

    Midnight Mass is another Mike Flanagan series. The story follows an isolated Island and its inhabitants who start experiencing miraculous events after a new charismatic priest arrives and starts reviving their faith and interest in the church. Not exactly horror, and not entirely fantasy, Midnight Mass is difficult to categorise, so it’s just best to experience it for yourself.