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From the Shores of Sahl Hasheesh to Your Living Room: Ninja Warrior Bel 3araby is Here to Stay

From the Shores of Sahl Hasheesh to Your Living Room: Ninja Warrior Bel 3araby is Here to Stay
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Cairo 360

The Japanese have gifted the world with plenty of treats – sushi, karaoke and well, all of these things. But from the depths of a crazy Japanese TV executive’s mind, to the stunning shores of Sahl Hasheesh, one stands above all right now – Ninja Warrior.

Having begun in Japan as Sasuke, this juggernaut of a sports entertainment show has gone on to be made in the US – where it became American Ninja Warrior – as well as the UK and Germany amongst other countries.

Last year, it was announced that the show would be remade for the Middle East and the producers looked no further than the Red Sea beach town of Sahl Hasheesh – a fitting location for the Arab world’s meanest and leanest sportspersons. The announcement was made with a suitably grand and star-studded launch party that saw the Middle East’s hippest guys and gals, including celebs Tamer Hagras and Razan El Moghraby.

Showing on ONtv, we’re only two episodes in – but the Arab World is going nuts over what is a unique show to regional television. The fact that it’s all taking place in one of Egypt’s hottest holiday locations has given it an extra little sizzle with Egyptian viewers.

The obstacle course format is a tried and tested one, but few have found as much popularity around the world as Ninja Warrior, and things look like they will follow suit here in Egypt. It’s a grueling assault course, but the way we see it is that these competitors get to enjoy the sights and sounds of Sahl Hasheesh, so it’s a pretty good trade-off.

It certainly helps that hunky actor and TV host, Ahmed Fahmy, and the stunning and charismatic Jennifer Azar, are the show’s hosts. But there’s been more star power in the first two episodes, with the likes of legendary Zamalek and Egypt footballer, Hazem Emam, having headed over to Sahl Hasheesh to put their two cents into proceedings.

But what of the show itself? Well, 240 competitors are taking part from across MENA, all of whom will be vying for the grand title of being the very first Ninja Warrior in the Middle East – and then, of course, there’s a very tidy prize of $500,000 waiting for the winner, too.

The show is set to run for a total of thirteen episodes every Monday and Tuesday at 20.30PM on ONtv, with another 13 behind-the-scene episodes also set to air. For more information of Ninja Warrior Bel 3araby, click here.