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Here’s Why You Should Watch Top Gun: Maverick

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Here’s Why You Should Watch Top Gun: Maverick
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He may not be Gen Z’s favourite action star, but Tom Cruise will forever remain an icon and a master at creating movie magic. Thirty-six years after the first Top Gun, Cruise returns with an incredible sequel that mixes nostalgia, new storylines, pure thrill, a love story, and a little bit of humour in Top Gun: Maverick. So let us take you into the sky with this spoiler-free review. 

What You Need To Know About The First Part

The first Top Gun movie was a classic hit in which young Tom Cruise plays Pete Mitchell, AKA Maverick, a bold, young pilot training at an elite school for naval aviators, known as Top Gun. His wingman, Goose, is also his closest friend. In the first movie, we saw how the young pilots came to train at Top Gun and how they went up against one another to prove their worthiness in such a testosterone-filled environment.

Everything changed when Maverick lost his wingman Goose in a tragic accident in the jet, causing him to quit Top Gun as he blamed himself for orphaning Goose’s child. This story concludes with Maverick learning that boldness often tangles up with recklessness. 

Let Us Tell You All About Tom Cruise And His Stunts For This Film

The well-made sequel was received with a standing ovation at Cannes Film Festival, probably due to the exhilarating thrills infused throughout the film. It is worth saying that Tom Cruise is a licensed pilot, not just standard aircraft but also fighter jets! He also made sure he did those incredible stunts himself. So, whenever you see him flying a fighter jet, just know that it’s Cruise himself doing it! How many action stars can we say that about? 

Why Did We Like The Movie So Much?

Don’t think that we’re done singing the movie’s praises yet! The film introduces a new part of Maverick’s journey as he returns to Top Gun years later to meet the new elites, including Goose’s son Rooster (Miles Teller, of Whiplash and Divergent fame). The film also introduced two powerful female characters: Penny and Phoenix, who you will love from the get-go. 

While Top Gun: Maverick perfectly blends the old with the new, paying a beautiful homage to its predecessor in the soundtrack, returning characters, and narrative, it also introduces a new and exciting storyline with the new pilots who each play their roles wonderfully. The plot twists toward the end of this suspenseful tale will probably leave you at the edge of your seat, not knowing where your favourite characters might end up.  

At the end of the day, the film is about catharsis and letting go of your past, but never giving up what you love to do. Sure, it could have used more snarky comments from Glenn Powell’s character and more humour in general, but the 2 hours and 17 minutes of screen-time were undoubtedly worth the journey. Finally, make sure you check out Lady Gaga’s awesome song for the film, “Hold My Hand”.