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Jinn: Everything You Need to Know About Netflix’s first Middle East Original Series

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Jinn: Everything You Need to Know About Netflix’s first Middle East Original Series
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    Cairo 360

    Netflix’s first Middle East Original has been released, premiering globally with much fanfare. Set in modern Amman and ancient Petra Jinn, is a young adult supernatural drama about magical spirits in the ancient city of Petra.

    More specifically, the show takes as its protagonists a group of Arab teenagers with their friendship drama, plus an unintentionally invitation of supernatural forces of jinn into their world. As they face the jinn, evil and good start mix, and the high school students get lost and don’t know who to trust.

    The first season is five episodes, each of an approximate run time of 45 minutes. The show starts Salma Malhas, Hamzeh Okab, Sultan Alkhail and Aysha Shahaltough, many of whom are first-time actors and complete fresh faces to the region’s artistic scene.

    The series is produced by Kabreet productions, directed by Mir-Jean Bou Chaaya and Amin Matalqa, and written by brothers Elan and Rajeev Dassani. It is a classic high-school fright-fest, packed with jump-scares and teenage angst.

    Middle East and Arabs are excited for this series, and we can’t wait for many more to come, especially with Netflix transforming the world of cinematic and dramatic production, and giving users access to a variety of shows. Indeed, given the extent to which Netflix has altered the world of online streaming and storytelling, we are glad to see this giant company pay attention to ideas like inclusivity and representation of distinct stories originating from unique cultures around the globe.

    P.S. We were lucky enough to attend the Jinn press junket held a few days ago in Amman, Jordan. At the junket, we sat down with members of the cast and crew, so stay tuned for some excitingly exclusive interviews on our sister site Cairo Gossip!