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Netflix in Egypt: 10 Tips & Tricks to Get the Most Out of the On-Demand Streaming Service

Netflix in Egypt: 10 Tips & Tricks to Get the Most Out of the On-Demand Streaming Service
written by
Omar Yousry

After a long and gruelling wait, revolutionary streaming website, Netflix, arrived in Egypt as part of its global expansion, providing on-demand media content at a click of a button. Questions of how Egypt’s notoriously shaky internet services will handle the arrival aside, we can essentially watch what we want, when we want. But as are most things on the abyss that is world wide web, things aren’t as clear-cut as one might think, which is why we’ve put together a list of some things you need to know to get the most out of it before you become an avid Netflix user.

1. Manage Data Usage When Streaming from Phone or Tablet

If you’re out and about and want to stream Netflix on your phone or tablet, there’s a way to do it without ripping through most of your data. All you have to do is log into Netflix from your phone or desktop browser, go to “Your Account”, press on ‘Playback Settings’, followed by ‘Manage video quality’  then finally set your Netflix to the ‘lowest streaming quality’ – (typically 480p).

2. Unblock Movies Restricted by Country

Media Hint is a website providing an unblocking service to movies and TV shows that are restricted by country or region. The website offers a 7 day free trial then you pay around 4$ per month, for every unblocked content on Netflix.

3. Find Movies Outside Recommended Pages

If you want to go well beyond Netflix’ recommended pages and check out other genres or content, use this link or check out Neflix’s List of Genres right here.

4. Find out if Someone is Using your Account and Stop them

If you suspect malicious usage of your Netflix account or some of the episodes are being shown as ‘watched’ when you haven’t watched them, here’s how you prevent hackers from stealing your Netflix account: Go to ‘Your Account’, then ‘Viewing Activity’ then ‘See recent account access’ and see if any of the device locations look weird. To sign these locations out, go back to ‘Your Account’, click ‘Sign out of all devices’, which may take up to three days to go into effect and change your password.

5. Check Rotten Tomatoes To Sort your Netflix Movies

If you get baffled on what movies you should be watching on Netflix, movie reviewing website, Rotten Tomatoes has a scoring system—Tomatometer—which scores movies based on critics and users’ feedback. Rotten Tomatoes has a ranking system for Netflix on-demand movies.

6. Use Nenhancer for Optimum Netflix Experience  

NEnhancer is a useful extension enhancing your Netflix experience by providing you with all the information you need about movies, trailers and their IMDB ratings. Nenhancer’s old extension is available free through this link or you can get the new one for $1 a year through the Netflix website.  

7. Keyboard Extensions

If you are planning to spend hours on Netflix, you might as well learn a few keyboard extensions to make your life easier: press F for full screen, Shift + Left Arrow to rewind, Shift + Right Arrow to fast-forward your video, M to mute, Up/ Down arrow to increase and decrease volume, Enter to play or pause and finally ESC to exit full screen mode.

8. Learn About New Releases

Use Netflix Middle East Facebook pageWhat’s on Netflix fansite  or What’s New on Netflix to learn about Netflix latest movies, documentaries and TV shows.

9. Catch Netflix Movies before they Disappear

The Now Streaming Pod has a selection of the shows that are removed from Netflix every week.

10. Leave Your Viewing Experience to Others   

If you don’t know what to watch and want to leave it up to fate, try Netflix Roulette, the go-to website which leaves it up to others to pick movies for you and helps you figure out what to watch next.

Happy Watching!